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3 ways to naturally enhance breasts

August 26, 2013

If you’re looking for a 100% natural way to make your breasts bigger, firmer and more beautiful, you’ve hit the right article. Below is the 3 most common ways of improving your breasts look, and none of them includes going under the knife.

1. Breast Massage

Massaging breasts is the easiest and most common natural technique to enhance women’s breasts. It stimulates blood flow as well as improves blood circulation in the chest area. It also helps enable the breasts to pick up and use the estrogen and phytoestrogens intake which makes the breasts firmer, bigger and more beautiful.

One more thing, breast massage might help you to keep track of your body’s health. By routinely massaging your breasts, you will notice any strange lumps or areas which might be signs of breast cancer.

breast massage

2. Herbal Breast Enhancement

Herbal breast enhancement is a method that stimulates or decreases levels of particular hormones in the body. Herbal breast mimics the body’s hormones to provide your body the necessary building blocks that helps grow your breasts.

Many well-known breast enhancement herbs contain phyto-estrogens, prolactin, or anti-androgens. Phyto-estrogens, similar to estrogen, stimulate the adipose tissue of breasts to make them more engorged and toned. Prolactin influences help improve women’s femininity. Anti-androgens, on the other hand, block the action of male sex hormones to support breast enhancement.

If you are considering buying herbal breast enhancement products, we strongly recommend a combination of herbal pill and liquid. Please carefully look both at the efficiency and the reputation of the brand as well.

herbal breast enhancement

3. Hypnotic Breast Enhancement

While it’s still doubtful whether hypnotherapy can really help enhance breast size, there are indeed published and submitted scientific reports that indicate that breast size can increase a few inches thanks to Hypnotherapy.

To apply hypnotherapy, you need a totally quiet and relaxing place where you can concentrate all your thoughts and energy upon your breasts. Relinquish any stress or concerns you have and keep imagining that you have bigger, sexier breasts. Try to feel the energy flow being directed into your breasts and the fat that is plumping up and exploding your breasts. Keep in mind that you have to let all the emotions produced by these visualizations renew you.

Spend 15 minutes per day applying hypnotherapy for at least 1 month and see what changes it brings to you.


Breast massage: a miracle to enhance breast size

August 10, 2013

Breast improvement has never been an obsolete topic among women all over the world. There are many natural ways to do so, from a healthy diet to a well-designed exercise program. If you are one of the ‘beginners’ who are wondering where to start first, I would say breast massage is a very promising option to consider.


Why breast massage?

Overall, breast massage can help boost blood circulation in the breast area and the increase production of prolactin that plays a very important role in breast growth. Increasing blood circulation will give the breast the ability to pick up and use the phytoestrogens in the blood which is a key to improve breast size. A better blood circulation system also helps balance the hormones of the endocrine system, nourish the breasts and stimulate them to expand bigger. Meanwhile, prolactin increase encourages the development of mammary glands and produces more breast fat.

Moreover, massaging the breasts will also give people more awareness of the healthy or unhealthy condition of their breasts. By regularly massaging their breasts, people may immediately recognize any areas or lumps that indicate breast cancer or any kind of breast diseases, and thus have more chance to save themselves.

How to do it?

There are many ways to massage breasts. Below is the easiest guide that will let you know your breast better and become more comfortable touching them.

  1. Put your hands in their place: right hand – left breast, left hand – right breast.
  2.  Move your fingers circularly around the breasts.
  3. Tenderly lift each breast and apply pressure. Do NOT use much energy.
  4. Gently twist each breast with two hands in a kind of wringing motion.
  5. Place the flat part of your fingers on the underarm (right hand – left breast and vice versa), gently lift your tissues toward the nipple.
  6. Cross your fingers on your breastbone till you find the valleys in between your ribs. Gently move your fingers all the way up from your breastbone to neck bone, then move backwards the same path.

That’s all you need to get started. If you apply breast massage regularly, you may notice some subtle improvements after the first month. As soon as you get used to the process, you can try massaging your breasts with medicated herbals oils to get the most out of it.